DMV-MICE is at your side for your SDG policy

DMV-MICE is a real lever for your SDG

All our SDG actions are guided by the same line of conduct: to address SDG issues with the same strategic and creative requirements as any other event topic.

Our ideas in this area are ambitious, we must together make things happen and create real listening conditions on these topics. This ambition requires speaking truth, being credible.
Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (SDG) remain at the heart of our dynamic to familiarize Moroccan and European agencies and event organizers with the MICE options available in Morocco.

We create events with only with partners that stimulate your teams and your targets, whatever they are, in perfect harmony with your SDG strategy.

Boost your company's social responsibility

we promise to stay for each other

Inform and involve your employees in the CSR processes

What is OrangeTravel?

sustainable business travel platforwhich ismconnected to a charity platform where users can donate their trip savings to preferred charity organisations.

Our focus i  social and environmental impact.

Corporate travel agreements are outdated and travel tools obsolete, companies are losing lots of money.

We refresh this industry.

The concept is to use a hybrid of manual and automatic aggregation for flights and hotels. Compare the corporate agreement prices to the consumer market.

We promise to give you the best price, if the price decreases until the booking, we rebook and you donate the difference.

Reinvesting our profit in other social and environmental projects to generate even more impact.


Empower Moroccan, African startups, cooperatives and small businesses on the German and European scale.

Marokko Accelerator helps startups, cooperatives and small Moroccan companies with high potential to successfully penetrate the German and European markets.